Best Volleyball Shoes of 2020 for Man and Woman

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In case you meet someone or you think to yourself that you can play volleyball in running shoes or basketball shoes, you are mistaken – these activities need different support levels. Volleyball shoes are the athletic shoes that have the softest inner material due to the constant jumping, and that is why you need the best pair you can get.

However, with many varieties in the market, we have done the work of breaking it down in terms of the best 14 as well as what to look for in a volleyball shoe.

Best Volleyball Shoes of 2020 – Comparison

For Man

editor's choice

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3

Mizuno Wave lightning Z3

  • Breathability: Very good
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Feature: Removable Insole

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ASICS Mens Gel-Rocket 8

ASICS GEL-Rocket 8

  • Breathability: Very good
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Feature: Forefoot GEL Cushioning System

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ASICS Mens Gel-Netburner Ballistic

ASICS GEL-Netburner

  • Breathability: Very good
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Feature: Fluid Ride Midsole

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adidas Men's Ligra 4 Volleyball Shoes, Mystery Blue/Lemon Peel, ((4.5 M US)

Adidas Ligra 4

  • Breathability: Good
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Feature: Maximum ventilation

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adidas Men's Ligra 5

Adidas Ligra 5

  • Breathability: Could be Better
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Feature: Synthetic overlays for better support

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ASICS Mens Upcourt 2 Volleyball Shoe

ASICS Men's Upcourt 2

  • Breathability: Very good
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Feature: Gum Rubber Outsole

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Mizuno Men's Wave Tornado X Volleyball Shoe

Mizuno Wave Tornado X

  • Breathability: Good
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Feature: The outsole does not mark the floor

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For Woman

editor's choice

adidas Women's Ligra 4W

Adidas Performance Ligra 4 W

  • Breathability: Very good
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Feature: Non marking outsole

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Nike Women's Volley Zoom Hyperspike

Nike Volley zoom HyperSpike

  • Breathability: Good
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Feature: Ultralight support

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Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning RX3-W

Mizuno Wave Lightning RX3 for women

  • Breathability: Very good
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Feature: Perfect grip on the court

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Mizuno Women's Wave Bolt 5-W

Mizuno Wave bolt 5

  • Breathability: Good
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Feature: Parallel wave technology for enhanced stability

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Mizuno Women's Wave Lighting Z3 Volleyball Shoe,Black/Royal,9 B US

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3 womans

  • Breathability: Could be Better
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Feature: Mizuno intercool

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ASICS Womens Gel-Rocket 8

ASICS Gel-Rocket 8 womans

  • Breathability: Very good
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Feature: Forefoot GEL Cushioning System

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Nike Women's Air Zoom Hyperace

Nike Air Zoom Hyperace

  • Breathability: Good
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Feature: TPU cage enhances support and stability.

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Top Choices for Man – Reviews

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3 for Men – Best for Indoor Court Play

Mizuno Mens Wave Lightning Z3 review

Mizuno is among the best shoe manufacturers in the world, and looking at this shoe it is not difficult to see why.

It offers you the best of both stability and comfort even during long periods of play. In addition, the shoe is not only comfortable for men, but also for women – though women need to order a size and a half down.

The shoe has good cushioning levels, making landings be soft and stable, though the drawback here seems to be the lack of variety in color options (this is not a deal breaker though).

A synthetic material makes up the shoe, while a synthetic sole provides the shoe with both traction and lack of markings that spoil a court surface. The air mesh on the upper enhances the breathability of the shoe.

An aspect that is common in Mizuno shoes is ‘the wave’. This allows the midsole cushioning to spread out the impact forces evenly, so the foot does not sink into the middle of the shoe – this provides extra support on the foot arch. This particular shoe has a Parallel wave, which works for those with neutral foot types that do not need added support.

The shoe flexibility is high, thanks to the Dynamotion fit, while the heel stays secure and comfortable because of the Flex Eyelets and stretch mesh. For additional protection to your toes, the shoe has Dura shield toe guards, but without the extra weight.

What we like
  • High durability
  • Very flexible and comfortable
  • The shoe is lightweight and has a good grip
  • The shoe is very stable
What we do not like
  • The tongue of the shoe is too short

ASICS GEL-Rocket 8 shoe for men – Good for Grass

ASICS Mens Gel Rocket 8

The GEL-Rocket 8 shoe gives both amateur and professional players high performance in all seasons.

Giving an increased level of gum rubber on the sole as well as a lighter upper, the updated design continues to make this shoe a worthwhile investment for all players.

The front of the shoe has excellent cushioning and the grip is very good for indoor volleyball players. The drawback is in the cushioning of the rest of the shoe, especially the arch. The shock absorber abilities are also in question because the shoe is not good at absorbing contact with court floors, especially as it ages.

The midsole has molded EVA as its major component, while the ASICS Trussic system acts as a supportive shank – this extends from the forefoot to the arch. In good news, the shoe has the GEL Cushioning service at its front, which is good for court plays.

You need to be careful about the shoe size when ordering; the shoe tends to have a smaller fit so ensure you order a half-size or full-size larger. The distance between the arch and shaft is about two inches.

What we like
  • They are comfortable to wear
  • High durability
  • They have good breathability
  • The traction level is high on court surfaces due to the gum rubber sole
  • The shoe is lightweight, compared to other shoes
  • They provide good stability, so there is less chance of injury from ankle sprain
What we do not like
  • The shoe becomes slippery on grass surfaces
  • The sizing is tricky, so you need to be careful when ordering the shoe
  • They are not as flexible as other volleyball shoes

ASICS Gel-Netburner ballistic MT shoe – Best for Hitters

Asics Gel Netburner Ballistic MT MenThe ASICS Gel-Netburner promises to give high comfort levels when it comes to playing volleyball. It combines volleyball-specific innovation with advanced running DNA to give the most gel cushion among volleyball shoes.

Featuring a redesign of the upper, this section contains a combination of air mesh, polyurethane, and synthetic leather, resulting in high breathability levels, as well as unmatched fit among volleyball shoes and durability.

The shoes have forefoot and rear foot gel cushioning, which allows for maximum comfort levels as you move on the floor, in addition to absorbing shock – this is among the best shoes in terms of shock absorption – and assisting in transitions between on-foot and off-foot.

This shoe also has the benefit of being lightweight, thanks to its Trustic system. This reduces the weight of the sole while maintaining the structural integrity for successful play.

What we like
  • Very comfortable to wear and lightweight
  • Very good breathability levels
  • It allows you to make quick maneuvers
  • There is no problem with the sizes
  • It has very good cushioning
What we do not like
  • The price is costly compared to other shoes, but this is mainly due to the high quality
  • Durability – you may need to replace it after four to six months

Adidas Ligra 4 Performance shoe for men – Best Volleyball Shoes for Ankle Support

Adidas Ligra 4

The Ligra 4 Adidas shoe gives you both style and professional-level play, having a black and yellow design.

The design is also strong and the interior has thick padding that absorbs shock very well. Its versatility lends itself well to other circumstances, not just in volleyball play.

Synthetic materials comprise the shoe, making it comfortable and light. The sole is flexible enough to allow free movements without risking stability even in high-speed play. The mesh upper and lined interior also keeps your feet cool regardless of the weather.

The Adiwear outsole ensures that the shoe performs well in competitions and training situations, making it withstand abuse very well. In addition, it contains synthetic overlay, which increases stability and supports your feet well.

What we like
  • The foot support is optimal
  • The outsole is durable and has good grip due to the Adiwear material
  • It has a stylish design
  • The shoe is lightweight and flexible
What we do not like
  • The shoe tends to run small

Adidas Men’s Ligra 5 Volleyball Shoe – Best for Jumping

adidas Men's Ligra 5The Adidas Ligra 5 is a go-to volleyball shoe for many athletes considering its affordability compared to much higher priced options.

In addition, it’s designed with a rubber sole, and it offers good traction so you can stick your landing on the volleyball court.

On the aesthetic side of things, you do have a couple of color choices to choose from such as an orange/red or a gray/orange.

There is a good amount of support you can gain from the shoe as well to aid you through the other rapid movements of the sport from running to jumping. It should last you a while as well thanks to the ADIWEAR outsole.

Although this is made with both an air mesh upper and breathable mesh lining, there are reports that your feet can still get sweaty in these. Nevertheless, the shoes still manage to fit with length-wise, so they should be comfortable to wear for some time.

What we like
  • Provides ideal foot support
  • Has good grip and traction
  • Durable outsole
What we do not like
  • Not ideal for wider feet
  • Could benefit with more breathability

ASICS Men’s Upcourt 2 Volleyball Shoe – Good Product for Flat Feet

ASICS Mens Upcourt 2 reviewThe ASICS Men’s Upcourt 2 is a basic appearing volleyball shoe that’s available in two different colors.

In spite of its simplicity, it manages to get the job done. For one thing, the rubber sole can grip the volleyball court well, which can prevent any accidental sliding.

In addition, in an effort to provide comfort, there is an ample amount of padding in the shoe, particularly around the toe area.

If you’re in a long volleyball tournament, your toes won’t start feeling the brunt of each match anytime soon. Some wearers have mentioned though that it doesn’t have that much impact-absorption though.

There’s not much concern about your feet getting wet in these after a long or hot match. The shoes are designed with plenty of mesh overlays that promote airflow and provide ventilation to keep you cool and dry on the court.

What we like
  • Rubber sole grips volleyball court well
  • Comfortable to wear for extended time period
  • Good amount of ventilation
What we do not like
  • Not much impact absorption
  • Soles may wear thin after some time

Mizuno Men’s Wave Tornado X – Light and Well Ventilated

Mizuno Men's Wave Tornado X Volleyball Shoes reviewMizuno Men’s Wave Tornado X may be on the more expensive side for volleyball shoes, but their high-quality material and features can more than make up for it.

It features infinity wave technology that’s reflective not just in its quality construction, but also in its stylish appearance that’s available in two different color patterns.

To help eliminate the chance of distortion, the shoe uses dynamotion fit technology. This reduces the stress that rapid movements found in a volleyball game can place on the feet.

On top of that, the dynamotion groove can help improve flexibility while cutting back on the risk of forefront instability. In short, you can feel more secure and supported while playing.

Another quality to help with your stability on the court is the extra grade rubber. This can provide you with high traction to better grip the floor so you shouldn’t have to worry about falling or slipping around.

Before you can get comfortable in these shoes, they may require an extensive break in period. Once you’ve managed to wear them in, however, they should fit and feel comfortable enough.

What we like
  • Good ankle room and support
  • Quality impact absorption
  • Increases flexibility and agility
What we do not like
  • May run small in size
  • Require a good deal of time to break in

Top Choices for Woman – Reviews

Adidas Performance Ligra 4 W – Best For Libero

Ligra 4 W Volleyball ShoeMany people around the world know Adidas as a premium sports brand, and it makes a name for itself continually by making among the best sports equipment. This shoe lives up to the expectation, promising a comfortable outsole and stability.

Breathability is an important aspect of this shoe. It keeps the feet cool during games, eliminating the frustration of having sweaty feet in the midst of playing. The open mesh upper allows maximum levels of ventilation so that you can focus on your playing.

Similar to other high-quality Adidas shoes, the product is lightweight, and textile and synthetic fabrics comprise it. The shoe design is stylish, while the material that makes up the shoe is durable and non-irritant to ensure high comfort levels, even for individuals with sensitive skin.

Since volleyball playing involves many quick jumps and hard turns, you need a shoe that withstands all this and stays durable. Thanks to the Adidas Tear Resistant Technology, you get to play without worrying if the shoe will wear out.

The shoe also has a mesh upper that enhances ventilation to keep your feet dry regardless of the weather, while the Adiprene padding assists in shock absorption during jumps and runs to reduce injuries.

The insole consists of EVA-insole and adiprene shock to enhance comfort even during hard falls, and the shoe enhances your stability thanks to the non-marking rubber compound outsole.

What we like
  • Has high stability levels thanks to the non-slip rubber sole
  • The shoes are breathable
  • Has very good quality design
  • Is very comfortable even for long periods
  • Can accommodate multi-directional moves due to adiprene cushioning
What we do not like
  • It is more bulky compared to other volleyball shoes
  • You need to be careful with the size

Nike Volley zoom HyperSpike shoes for women – Best in Comfort During Play

Nike Volley zoom HyperSpikeMany know Nike well around the globe for its high-quality sports equipment, and this shoe is no different.

This is among the ultimate volleyball shoes for women – it gives high responsiveness and lockdown while retaining its lightweight nature for your games.

The upper features a breathable flywire construction that enhances the downwards locking of your foot, and adjusts itself to your foot shape, resulting in minimal unnecessary movement within the shoe as you move.

Since lighter shoes are important in jumping, the midsole features a lightweight phylon midsole, which gives your feet greater protection from impacts and enhancing comfort.

This is also due to the reinforcing of the 3D midfoot shank, giving rigidity to the shoe while improving comfort levels. In an overall sense, this means the shoe allows you to jump while eliminating the delay that heavy shoes cause.

The grip that the shoe has is very good – this is due to the Volley Zoom Hyperspike and the lightweight cushion rubber that has a herringbone traction pattern. It gives you the guarantee that all the touches between your feet and the floor have strong grips on the court.

What we like
  • Very good for court play because of the sole’s grip
  • It offers you very good support even in long matches
  • The shoe is supportive and lightweight
  • Breathability levels are very good
  • Is good for competitive games
What we do not like
  • The shoe tends to be large, so you need to be careful with the sizing
  • Break-ins take some time to occur
  • Some users complain about the stiffness of the shoe

Mizuno Wave Lightning RX3 shoe for women – Best for a Budget

Mizuno Wave Lightning RX3Another shoe within the Mizuno brand, this is among the latest editions of women’s volleyball shoes that features style and improving fits.

The shoe is very light, weighing just 8.4 ounces, while it features Mizuno Wave technology that spreads out shock evenly through the sole and enhances stability.

The shoe also has Dynamotion Fit, which reduces the stress that the foot naturally puts on footwear and removes the possibility of distortions for good fitting.

The flexibility and agility as you play are due to the Dynamotion Groove technology, and this reduces instability in the heel.

The midsole has a ventilation system that reduces humidity and heat build-up to give you superior performance and comfort. The Mizuno RX3 also has a suspension system that connects the Wave plate to the ground – this increases traction and stability, while the outsole rubber enhances the traction.

The only drawback to the shoe is how wide it runs, though it remains among the best in terms of quality. You also do not need to worry so much about the sizing because the shoes are close to street size.

What we like
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • The cushioning levels are very good and the shoe remains flexible to allow for sharp movements
  • Lightweight
  • They have good shock absorbing abilities
  • The sizing is very good
What we do not like
  • The shoe tends to run wide
  • The sizing is not good for players with wide feet
  • There have been complaints on the shoe being small by half-size.

Mizuno Wave bolt 5 for women – Best for Players With Wide Feet

Mizuno Wave bolt 5 for womenIf you are an active volleyball player and have large feet, you know the difficulty of getting a shoe that accommodates your feet while helping you perform at your best.

Because it features a wide round design that is suitable for most foot shapes and sizes, it ensures that your quality of play remains high – in fact, many professional players prefer this shoe over many others.

It has a flexible rubber sole that gives extra comfort, while synthetic material comprises the mesh upper that ensures ventilation even in hot weather and a high padded interior that absorbs shock very well. In addition, the material of the shoe is non-irritant, so will not irritate individuals with sensitive skin.

The outsole of the shoe has a non-marking design with very good traction, so this reduces the risks of injury associated with instability of the shoe or slips.

The shoe also comes with Dynamotion technology (similar to other Mizuno Wave shoes) and this reduces the problem of foot distortion.

What we like
  • The dynamotion aspect makes the shoe very comfortable to wear
  • The outsole has good gripping and non-markings, so is very good for court play
  • The rubber sole is flexible
  • The design allows for players with large feet to play
What we do not like
  • The shoe tends to run small

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3 shoe for women – Best for Setters

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3 shoe for womenOffering a similar low-cut style to other Mizuno shoes, this particular model has the parallel Wave plate that provides stability laterally. This makes it ideal for quick and stable movements in the course of play.

It offers toe-to-heel support – the parallel wave ensures that your foot does not receive high impact shock, while the placing of the insole enhances your comfort as you play.

The shoe also features Dynamation flex, which enhances quick movement and flexibility.

There is also the 8.8-oz. Air mesh lining that gives breathability and prevents trapping of heat, therefore eliminating distractions that you may get because of heat in your feet.

What we like
  • It is a ‘shoe for professionals’ because of its quality
  • It is a good shoe for court play because of its flexibility
  • Gives good support to the heels, knees and feet
  • Has good pricing, considering its quality
  • It can stretch to narrower feet
What we do not like
  • The breathability is not very good when you compare it to other shoes

ASICS Gel-Rocket 8 – Best Women’s Indoor Volleyball Shoes

ASICS Womens Gel-Rocket 8ASICS Women’s Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe is well-known among beginner and intermediate players for how well it can hold up across various seasons. It’s synthetic and designed with a rubber sole that does well at helping you keep your stance on the court.

You can manage your jumps well without worrying about the impact thanks to the gel cushioning system. This helps ease the oncoming shock so that you feel next to nothing, helping you stick the landing and continue on with the match.

When shopping for these Gel-Rocket 8 shoes, you can choose from three different color styles.

It’s reasonably priced and features lasting material that’s comfortable enough right out of the box. This way, you don’t have to worry too much about breaking them in as it takes little to no time for you to get used to the shoes.

What we like
  • Gel cushioning aids with absorbing shock
  • Quality tread to help you feel supported
  • Minimal break-in required
What we do not like
  • Might be too big in the ankle area
  • Can run big and may stretch out

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Hyperace – For Narrow Feet

Nike Women's Air Zoom Hyperace reviewThe Nike Women’s Air Zoom Hyperace is ideal if you’re focused on appearance as much as functionality.

There’s no shortage of styles to choose from as the shoes come in four stylish colors. Their price range varies from affordable to expensive, but the quality is clear in certain features like a large amount of arch support you can get from them.

It features a TPU cage that further enhances the support as well as helping you with stability. This cage conforms to your foot also for a better fit.

With the Zoom Air unit, you get cushioning as well. This provides a layer of comfort so you can play the game as well as possible without worrying about feeling foot fatigue or pain. It’s lightweight as well.

For gripping those hard-court surfaces, the shoe has a rubber outsole. In fact, the shoe was designed specifically to handle the court volleyball players usually play on. Granted, there may be some questionable durability when it comes to parts of the shoes such as the soles.

They seem to not be able to hold up to various seasons, which can reduce their overall quality.

What we like
  • Doesn’t rub against toes
  • Highly supportive
  • Fits comfortably
What we do not like
  • Have to order a size or so up
  • May lack some durability

Best Volleyball Shoes in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

The differences between volleyball shoes and other athletic shoes

Volleyball players have many shoe options, and the choice depends ultimately on the desires and needs of the individual. However, there is an assumption that all athletic shoes are the same – which they are not. Here are some differences that may not be visible easily:

  • Volleyball shoes (mostly) will have gum rubber comprising their sole materials. Gum rubber actually has an advantage over synthetic material, because it gives the user better traction levels on smooth surfaces like court floors, and this prevents accidents like slipping. It also reduces the chances of getting injuries particularly affecting the ankle.
  • The sole is of the non-marking type. This means that it does not mark the floor, and this helps in protecting the floor.
  • The upper section of the shoe contains mesh material, permitting it to be lightweight and enhancing breathability.
  • Runners and basketball players tend to use cross-trainer shoes that help in forward movements, but volleyball shoes need more structure and stability during lateral movements. Because of this, they will end up with a different structure and cushioning to help in the player’s comfort.
  • The midsole of the shoe must support the ball of the foot because volleyball players spend much more time on the balls of their feet to permit lateral movements and retain stability. Some shoes use gel for this purpose, while others use air or foam.
  • Mesh usually comprises the upper to enhance breathability
  • The sole is softer than other athletic shoes, and for this reason, you should not wear the shoes outside of the volleyball court – you might wear them out faster. The way to tell that the shoe is wearing out is in the ankle support when it is no longer tight or giving full support.


Factors to consider when choosing volleyball shoes:

You need some elements for making the best decision on a volleyball shoe. For instance, stability, weight, traction, the fit and cushioning are the most important to consider, while durability and breathability are not crucial though they are also important.

  • Is the shoe durable?

Even though volleyball (and sports) shoes have come a long way in terms of durability, you still need to replace shoes at least at the end of every season, depending on your schedule during the season.

You need shoes that guarantee you durability since this will also determine the stability, grip and cushioning to enable you to make flexible movements – this will also reduce the wear and tear of the shoes themselves.

  • Grip the shoe offers

All good shoes must have gum rubber soles to give you traction. For an athlete, a proper grip is essential because it will allow you to stay stable during games. Shoes that have proper gum soles make sure that you are not sliding after every few seconds on the floor. This also helps you avoid injuries and preventing your shoes from marking the court.

  • Does the shoe allow for quick movements?

Volleyball is a physically intensive sport, and it requires sharp, quick movements in all directions. Because of this, it is good to purchase a shoe that provides your feet with great stability levels to allow for optimal performance as a player.

  • Cushioning and Comfort

This is among the most important aspects of any shoe – after all, you do not want to play in a restrictive thing, especially in intensive sports such as volleyball. However, cushioning is more important than comfort in this regard.

This is especially true for the heel area. Because the volleyball player is jumping at every point, the feet should land as gently as possible on the ground to avoid injury and fatigue.

  • Breathability

Many volleyball shoes have mesh uppers. This aspect allows the feet to breathe so that they do not trap heat and sweat as you play.

  • Stability

This is a very important factor to consider – as a volleyball player, your ankles are subject to high amounts of tension due to jumps and side movements. For this reason, the shoe you play in must have high lateral and ankle support, and this will in turn aid in the prevention of ankle sprains.

The midsole plays a major role in the stability of the ball of the foot, in addition to traction ability. The midsole must be very strong and able to handle shock while permitting flexibility to some degree so that the feet are not in one position and make you uncomfortable.

In particular, defenders need to choose shoes that are stable in all directions and help them maintain their hold on the ground as they block shots.

  • Lightweight

Volleyball requires many instances of jumping and moving around, you need a light shoe that allows for quick movements and reduces fatigue on your feet.

  • The upper, sole and midsole

During online shopping for shoes, it is very common to see aspects under the sole, upper and midsole.

In the upper, ensure that it has mesh material (a usual feature in many shoes). This will enable your feet to receive plenty of air circulation. It should also be lightweight in its design to prevent fatigue.

The midsole should feature gel cushioning – some shoes will feature a greater emphasis on the rear area, others at the forefoot, and others have equal cushioning. In the case of volleyball shoes, it is best to choose a rear cushion because of the jumping you are doing (particularly if you play in certain positions). Flexibility is another aspect, and the best shoes should allow you to change direction quickly.

The sole section should inform you of the type of material it has as well as the traction. For volleyball, gum rubber must comprise the soles because it gives a superior grip than other materials. The sole should also have a non-marking design especially when you are playing in indoor wooden courts.shoes_guide

Basics of choosing volleyball shoes for positions:

Regardless of your position in the game or your experience, there are features you must look for in a well-rounded volleyball shoe. They are:

  1. Grip – indoor courts can be slippery, and your old shoe that has lost its treads is not going to cut it unless you want to risk injuries.
  2. Lateral stability – another factor that prevents chances of injury. The shoe must handle sudden directional changes (a common theme in volleyball) without you losing balance.
  3. High cushioning levels – this is to protect your feet against the shocks of landing on hard court floors.

What about the specific positions?

Defensive players

The most important thing for defense players is keeping a firm, stable footing. This also includes deep-digging liberos and smart setters. In summary:

  • Stability levels must be high
  • High-grip outsole that handles changes quickly
  • High shock absorption capacity
  • Low profile that helps in comfort and speed

Attacking players

It is vital for these players to maintain their jumping power and powering in shots, so here are some things to look for.

  • High cushioning that handles the demands of jumps on the surface
  • Lightweight material
  • High traction that allows for quick movements
  • Excellent fit to help in stability

Summary of tips on choosing volleyball shoes:

  • Shoes should be snug, but ensure they are not too tight – a general rule is there should be no more than one finger width of space between the shoe end and your toes.
  • Understand the components of a volleyball shoe and their functions.
  • They should have high stability in all directions, regardless of the direction you move
  • Cushioning is vital for proper jumps and landings, so make sure that the forefoot, midsole, heel, and insole have proper amounts
  • Mesh, moisture-wicking, air vents or synthetic materials can all help in breathability to help your feet stay comfortable in play
  • The rubber sole should give you freedom in movement and staying soft
  • The shoe must have adequate ankle support that prevents our feet from moving around in the shoe
  • Low profile shoes are very good for ease of movement while staying comfortable
  • Outsoles give you more traction on harder court surfaces – look for high tread levels
  • Shoes with laces allow for the highest adjustments in foot tension, and most volleyball shoes will use laces alone
  • You need lightweight shoes to stay agile and flexible, so the ideal shoe should have this quality without skimping on other qualities
  • Mizuno and ASICS have the most reach in the market due to their high-quality shoes.

How to clean volleyball shoes?

6 Tips for washing Your Volleyball Shoes:
Cleaning volleyball shoes isn’t like cleaning a regular pair of sneakers. Many of them are designed with special soles and shock absorbers to help the wearer with jumping, landing and pivoting, and while that’s great on the court, it can make cleaning a bit complicated.

The good news is that you can clean your volleyball shoes in effective ways. You just need the right know-how to get the job done. Here are six tips for making your volleyball shoes game-ready!

1. Shake It Off 

The first step is to eliminate any loose dirt or debris clinging to your shoes. This is especially important if you’ve been playing volleyball in the sand. Washing or wiping your shoes right away can drive little granules further into the material, so you’ll want to shake them to dislodge anything that can come off easily. Be sure to do this when your shoes are dry, by the way. If they’re sweaty, things might stick.

2. Use a Brush 

Take a soft-bristled brush to the outsoles of your shoes. You can buy special shoe brushes if you need a particular size or shape, but there’s no harm in using a regular old toothbrush if you can’t afford the fancy stuff.

The most important thing is that you make sure to clean every nook and cranny. If you leave anything nestled in the grooves of your outsoles, it could become uncomfortable, unhygienic or even detrimental to your athletic performance.

3. Make a Mixture 

Once you’ve cleaned the bottoms, it’s time to clean the sides. You’ll need to be especially careful with this step to avoid rubbing stains further into your shoes. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

– Rub a little bit of laundry detergent on a wet sponge.

– Pat or wipe it across the material of your shoes. Don’t scrub.

– If a sponge isn’t giving you the friction that you need to take care of tough spots and skid marks, you can switch to a wet washcloth. Again, however, you’ll need to exercise caution with these kinds of textured materials. They can make stains worse when improperly used.

4. Hold Your Nose 

Have your volleyball shoes gotten smelly? There are many different ways that you can attack shoe odors. The simplest solution is leaving them outside so that they can air out, but if they’re still stinky afterward, you can sprinkle baking soda inside them to help neutralize any bacteria that might have formed from sweat and friction.

If they’re really stinky, you might want to fill a pair of old socks with baking soda and let them sit inside the shoes overnight.

5. Replace Your Insoles 

There might come a time when your insoles are just too dirty or damaged to fix. Thankfully, you can pop them out and replace with them fresh ones without affecting the rest of the shoe. Just make sure that your new insoles are compatible with your particular shoe brand; you don’t want them to fold, chafe or slide around in the middle of a game.

6. Get Picky 

Your shoes should be looking much better after following all of these steps, but don’t forget a final examination to spot anything that you might have missed. If you do see rocks or grains that have wormed their way into your shoes, use a toothpick or dull-tipped instrument to fish them back out. Don’t use any sharp objects! You’ll scratch the material.

These are just a few tips for cleaning your volleyball shoes. As you can see, it’s a bit more complicated than just throwing them into the washing machine, so you’ll need to take care of your cleaning and deodorizing efforts. Good luck on the court!

Final thoughts

Considering the factors to look for in volleyball shoes, our top pick is the Mizuno Lightning Z3 for men and Adidas Performance Ligra 4W for woman because it gives both stability and comfort even during long periods of play. The good cushioning levels absorb shock and the Dynamotion feature prevents uncomfortable distortion of toes. It is among the best for ankle support for this reason.

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