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Athletes will tell you that a lot happens behind the scenes before you can win a volleyball game. There are hours spent training and getting your body in the right shape. You also need to take care of your body and eat right to win. Mental strength is required, and that is why athletes motivate themselves before any game.

Wearing the wrong shoes do not only hurt your feet but can cause you to lose a game. A good pair of volleyball shoes should be made from breathable materials. Your feet sweat a lot when you are playing, and if the sweat is not taken care of, it can lead to bacterial infections. We have seen players not been able to walk properly because they selected the wrong shoes.

The popular misconception in the market is that basketball and volleyball shoes are all the same. But, they each hold their unique qualities. Volleyball shoes are created with comfort in mind, and they focus on the soles and cushioning. The shoe should have a tight grip that prevents you from falling when on a volleyball court. The volleyball shoes should have pores to regulate the temperature inside the shoe.

David, our lead blogger, has been playing professional volleyball for the last ten years. He has won 3 state championships and has been captain of his volleyball team for the previous four years. He now couches young kids to perfect their volleyball game. David also writes for various sports magazines and is considered a volleyball expert. David experienced first hand what a lousy pair of pro volleyball shoes can do to your feet. He almost lost his foot due to bacterial infections. This made him to take his time and energy to research the best pro volleyball shoes in the market.

There are lot of pro volleyball shoes imitations and it can be tough knowing a genuine one from a fake. Fake shoes are not only cheap but they can cost you in the long run. While you cannot know a fake from just looking at it the many brands in the market can confuse you. That is why we have created this blog. Instead of wasting your time searching for that perfect pro volleyball shoe we will help you by reviewing some of the top brands in the market. Our insights are sort after and will help you in making the right decisions when purchasing the right shoe.

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