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The best volleyball shoes really depends on the individual level. The last thing you want is suffering in your play because of the shoes you wear. Regardless of whether you are a tactical setter, a quick strong hitter, flexible player or fast blocker, you still require a shoe that fits your playing style and attributes.

It is important to choose the correct shoe that offers you comfort, correct grip, shock absorbing, movement and all-round performance. In this article, we will look at the top five volleyball shoes to look out for, as well as factors to consider when purchasing one.

Top Five Best Volleyball Shoes for Jumping in 2018

Shoe brandRatingBreathability 
ASICS GEL-Rocket 7 (men)4.4Very good
Mizuno Z3 lightning wave (women)4.6Not very good
Nike Volley zoom hyperspike shoe (women)4.6Very good
ASICS GEL Netburner (men)4.4Very good
Adidas Volley team 3 W (women)4.3Very good

1. ASICS GEL-Rocket 7 – Best Volleyball Shoes for Wide Feet

This shoe promises to provide you with excellent performance regardless of the season. Having an updated design and style, it gives volleyball players a high quality cushioning to bring harmony to the body.

Because your feet are jumping and moving constantly, they can become hot. The lightweight mesh upper that has synthetic overlay as well helps the breathability of the shoe and keeping your feet cool as you play. The EVA midsole (foam lining), as well as GEL cushioning, protects your feet from high impact moments, enhancing your comfort, while the rubber sole increases the flexibility of the shoe and reduces impact on the ground.

What we like
  • Comfortable design and lightweight
  • They stay durable, even under high pressure
  • They are very good, even for individuals with wide feet
  • Provide comfort and breathability as you play
  • The cushioning plays a role in comfort and style
  • The price is affordable for many players
What we do not like
  • You need to be careful with the sizing, as they may be too small
  • They tend to stretch out too much

2. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z3 – Best Volleyball Shoes for Jumping for Women

Offering a similar low-cut style to other Mizuno shoes, this particular model has the parallel Wave plate that provides stability laterally. This makes it ideal for quick and stable movements in the course of play.

It offers toe-to-heel support – the parallel wave ensures that your foot does not receive high impact shock, while the placing of the insole enhances your comfort as you play. The shoe also features Dynamation flex, which enhances quick movement and flexibility.

There is also the 8.8-oz. Air mesh lining that gives breathability and prevent trapping of heat, therefore eliminating distractions that you may get because of heat in your feet.

What we like
  • It is a ‘shoe for professionals’ because of its quality
  • It is a good shoe for court play because of its flexibility
  • Gives good support to the heels, knees and feet
  • Has good pricing, considering its quality
  • It can stretch to narrower feet
What we do not like
  • The breathability is not very good when you compare it to other shoes

3. Nike Volley zoom HyperSpike shoes for women – Good Breathability

Many know Nike well around the globe for its high-quality sports equipment, and this shoe is no different. This is among the ultimate volleyball shoes for women – it gives high responsiveness and lockdown while retaining its lightweight nature for your games.

The upper features a breathable fly wire construction that enhances the downwards locking of your foot, and adjusts itself to your foot shape, resulting in minimal unnecessary movement within the shoe as you move.

Since lighter shoes are important in jumping, the midsole features a lightweight phylon midsole, which gives your feet greater protection from impacts and enhancing comfort. This is also due to the reinforcing of the 3D midfoot shank, giving rigidity to the shoe while improving comfort levels. In an overall sense, this means the shoe allows you to jump while eliminating the delay that heavy shoes cause.

The grip that the shoe has is very good – this is due to the Volley Zoom Hyperspike and the lightweight cushion rubber that has a herringbone traction pattern. It gives you the guarantee that all the touches between your feet and the floor have strong grips on the court.

What we like
  • Very good for court play because of the sole’s grip
  • It offers you very good support even in long matches
  • The shoe is supportive and lightweight
  • Breathability levels are very good
  • Is good for competitive games
What we do not like
  • The shoe tends to be large, so you need to be careful with the sizing
  • Break-ins take some time to occur
  • Some users complain about the stiffness of the shoe

4. ASICS Gel-Netburner ballistic MT – Best Volleyball Shoes for Jumping for Man

The ASICS Gel-Netburner promises to give high comfort levels when it comes to playing volleyball. It combines volleyball-specific innovation with advanced running DNA to give the most gel cushion among volleyball shoes.

Featuring a redesign of the upper, this section contains a combination of air mesh, polyurethane and synthetic leather, resulting in high breathability levels, as well as unmatched fit among volleyball shoes and durability.

The shoes have forefoot and rear foot gel cushioning, which allows for maximum comfort levels as you move on the floor, in addition to absorbing shock – this is among the best shoes in terms of shock absorption – and assisting in transitions between on-foot and off-foot.

This shoe also has the benefit of being lightweight, thanks to its Trustic system. This reduces the weight of the sole while maintaining the structural integrity for successful play.

What we like
  • Very comfortable to wear and lightweight
  • Very good breathability levels
  • It allows you to make quick manoeuvres
  • There is no problem with the sizes
  • It has very good cushioning
What we do not like
  • The price is costly compared to other shoes, but this is mainly due to the high quality
  • Durability – you may need to replace it after four to six months

5. Adidas Performance Volley Team 3 W shoe for women – Best Cheap Choice

Many people around the world know Adidas as a premium sports brand, and it makes a name for itself continually by making among the best sports equipment. This shoe lives up to the expectation, promising a comfortable outsole and stability.

Breathability is an important aspect of this shoe. It keeps the feet cool during games, eliminating the frustration of having sweaty feet in the midst of playing. The open mesh upper allows maximum levels of ventilation so that you can focus on your playing.

Since volleyball playing involves many quick jumps and hard turns, you need a shoe that withstands all this and stays durable. Thanks to the Adidas Tear Resistant Technology, you get to play without worrying if the shoe will wear out.

The insole consists of EVA-insole and adiprene shock to enhance comfort even during hard falls, and the shoe enhances your stability thanks to the non-marking rubber compound outsole.

What we like
  • Has high stability levels thanks to the non-slip rubber sole
  • The shoes are breathable
  • Has very good quality design
  • Is very comfortable even for long periods
  • Can accommodate multi-directional moves due to adiprene cushioning
What we do not like
  • It is more bulky compared to other volleyball shoes
  • You need to be careful with the size

Best Volleyball Shoes for Jumping in 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Factors to consider when choosing volleyball shoes

  • Grip the shoe offers

All good shoes must have gum rubber soles to give you traction. For an athlete proper grip is essential because it will allow you to stay stable during games. Shoes that have proper gum soles make sure that you are not sliding after every few seconds on the floor. This also helps you avoid injuries and preventing your shoes from marking the court.

  • Is the shoe durable?

Even though volleyball (and sports) shoes have come a long way in terms of durability, you still need to replace shoes at least at the end of every season, depending on your schedule during the season.

You need shoes that guarantee you durability, since this will also determine the stability, grip and cushioning to enable you to make flexible movements – this will also reduce the wear and tear of the shoes themselves.

  • Cushioning and Comfort

This is among the most important aspects of any shoe – after all, you do not want to play in a restrictive thing, especially in intensive sports such as volleyball. However, cushioning is more important than comfort in this regard.

This is especially true for the heel area. Because the volleyball player is jumping at every point, the feet should land as gently as possible on the ground to avoid injury and fatigue.

  • Does the shoe allow for quick movements?

Volleyball is a physically intensive sport, and it requires sharp, quick movements in all directions. Because of this, it is good to purchase a shoe that provides your feet with great stability levels to allow for optimal performance as a player.

  • Breathability

Many volleyball shoes have mesh uppers. This aspect allows the feet to breathe so that they do not trap heat and sweat as you play.

  • Lightweight

Volleyball requires many instances of jumping and moving around, you need a light shoe that allows for quick movements and reduce fatigue on your feet.

  • The upper, sole and midsole

During online shopping for shoes, it is very common to see aspects under the sole, upper and midsole.

In the upper, ensure that it has mesh material (a usual feature in many shoes). This will enable your feet to receive plenty of air circulation. It should also be lightweight in its design to prevent fatigue.

The midsole should feature gel cushioning – some shoes will feature greater emphasis on the rear area, others at the forefoot, and others have equal cushioning. In the case of volleyball shoes, it is best to choose a rear cushion because of the jumping you are doing (particularly if you play in certain positions). Flexibility is another aspect, and the best shoes should allow you to change direction quickly.

The sole section should inform you the type of material it has as well as the traction. For volleyball, gum rubber must comprise the soles because it gives superior grip than other materials. The sole should also have a non-marking design especially when you are playing in indoor wooden courts.

Summary of tips on choosing volleyball shoes

  • Shoes should be snug, but ensure they are not too tight – general rule is there should be no more than one finger width of space between the shoe end and your toes.
  • Understand the components of a volleyball shoe and their functions.
  • They should have high stability in all directions, regardless of the direction you move
  • Cushioning is vital for proper jumps and landings, so make sure that the forefoot, midsole, heel and insole have proper amounts
  • Mesh, moisture wicking, air vents or synthetic materials can all help in breathability to help your feet stay comfortable in play
  • The rubber sole should give you freedom in movement and staying soft
  • The shoe must have adequate ankle support that prevents our feet from moving around in the shoe
  • Low profile shoes are very good for ease of movement while staying comfortable
  • Outsoles give you more traction on harder court surfaces – look for high tread levels
  • Shoes with laces allow for the highest adjustments in foot tension, and most volleyball shoes will use laces alone
  • You need lightweight shoes to stay agile and flexible, so the ideal shoe should have this quality without skimping on other qualities
  • Mizuno and ASICS have the most reach in the market due to their high-quality shoes. 

Final thoughts

Considering all the products above, the best volleyball shoe to go for is the Adidas Volley 3 W. This is due to the high stability it offers in addition to the flexibility for sharp movements because of the adiprene cushion. It gives you comfort and functionality at an affordable price as well, and offers sports footwear for men as well.


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