How Volleyball Helps Your Body?

Volleyball seems like an intimidating sport to some people, while others do not know how it works. You do not need to be an expert to enjoy it though; all you need is an interest in the game, similar to any other sport.

Volleyball has several advantages – first, you can learn it quickly and enjoy playing it regardless of your skill level and age, and unlike purely field sports, you can play it throughout the year because it is an indoor sport. There are other benefits to the body though, and those are what we will discuss in this article.

Burning fat and calories

This is the primary essence of all sports in general, helping you burn calories – and this can act as a perfect component if you want to maintain your weight or shed some pounds.

According to statistics from the Harvard Medical School, the average person burns between 90 to 133 calories during half-hour games of non-competitive volleyball in court or field settings, while on the beach you get to burn about 480 calories. In competitive games, you can burn between 120 and 178 calories. All this, is, of course, dependent on the weight of the individual (heavier individuals burn more calories), in addition to the length of time you spend playing the game (the optimal minimum being 20 to 30 minutes).

Improves your hand-eye coordination

You might not think much about it – when you look at it critically though, all sports and physical activities tend to enhance the hand-eye coordination. Because you are constantly studying the abrupt movements of the ball in volleyball, you need to know where it is at all times.

Not only this, but you also need to think quickly about what you will do with the ball when it comes in your direction. What passes do you make? Which player from the opposing team do you hit?

The game forces you to build and improve your agility and sprints because the ball moves quickly, and this improves the flexibility of your feet and hands.

Improves the strength of your muscles

Volleyball is an intense game, therefore needs strong core and chest muscles in all games regardless of whether they are competitive or relaxed.

For instance, during passes, you squat and use the legs to power your body. When you are setting the ball, you need thighs, legs, and arm power, and this ensures that you tone your body for these activities.

Boosting uptake of nutrients by the body

Due to the high physicality of the sport, professional volleyball players incorporate proteins and sufficient carbohydrates in their diet. This is mainly to provide the body with adequate energy for the upper body and muscle strength, which in turn increases agility and strength.

Final thoughts

Playing volleyball has many benefits on the body, not only in terms of physical health but also in terms of emotional and mental health. These are only a few of the benefits, though there are many more, and if you are thinking of picking up the sport, try it and see the benefits on your health.
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  1. Sariah Meagle

    Joining a volleyball club should hopefully burn my fat and calories. If it will improve my hand-eye coordination, it should give me good practice in drawing. I need to improve my muscle strength as well so I might start training in a club so that I’ll be fitter.

  2. Brooklyn Johnson

    Thank you for stating that volleyball needs strong core and chest muscles in all games. My daughter has been interested in playing volleyball, but I haven’t been sure if she should or not. After learning more about volleyball and all of its benefits, I will definitely further consider it for my daughter.

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